Thank? You

Perfect picture


She chose to answer me politely

though she swore inward, demeaning

the specter that danced on your body, grinning


hapless figures embracing your seed

and all that you were leaving


While she takes you for what you’re worth

Asking and calling out for hope

or something like that

Choosing to turn off

tuning out pictures aligned

and all that you were leading

faded into the night and into last night’s dream

for the week to repeat itself

like all good cycles do

Hazy horizon waking the world with her smiles

letting light transcend the darkness of our blank numb minds

Hold me, horizon

Come in my room and allude me

to a glorious unending reality

forever floating through me and up to you


Star Song

Maybe I’d find you in puddles and in lakes

or in empty reflections of starlight

mirroring and relaying my position in the universe

maybe crumbling under Mercury’s shoes

or imploding within the heart of Venus

somewhere inside my own being

floating like hydrogen gas

in the deep sphering faces of space

I know I’ve seen your faces

unveiling and unravelling themselves in my life

as if you were composed of more than just thread-notes to a song

You must be far beyond human understanding

and older than antiquity

standing over perfection and humility

with seven stars in your right hand

and out of your mouth a double-edged sword

ringing and raining on the withering grass below

I Heard My Bones

Winter worn and mossy 

standing naked in bruised damp grass

I heard my bones encamped in my body

flinching at the bolts of electric pulses 

running through our veins


Soil beneath me sinks deep by the weight

of the never-ending eyeballs scanning relentlessly

peering over fictitious hillsides and back again at my issues

like I was something to belong to

like it was really me

or maybe I wasn’t in line with the rest

and I can never hide in a sea of faces

however glorious and unified

swimming rhythmically

to the beat of the beach

giving us so much pleasure and pain

and confusion and back again

at the black and the white

turn around one more time

I’m just a conduit

and I feel you because you felt me first

Lesson Learned

An urban tune

designed to make you fit for a king


Sympathizer, turn your lilies outward

Urban decay (your father knew it well)

Cut up your cokes just to knock on wood

then copped contraries and acted so merry

nodding and smiling on a cold thursday morning

On their way they stole you, and you abandoned us

A lesson learned, no, hear it the other way

Everything is chaos, you say

then let me turn your cheek

look at it the other way

Bingo Goes Boom Boom!

Once upon a red moon I was a brick layer

sun slayer washed up on the shores of a common layer

Greeted souls at the pyramids

shook hands with the sentences

Languages coming out of my ears

as if I had the end to ends

And the clock clicks to seven

Paints the cloud a similar story

I’m feeling bright against a star stretched sky

forming picture patterns and colored blades

while everybody cries to their bleeding deaths

It’s a menace, don’t you dare let it fly

Hear the sound of the trumpet melt

back into a common theme

They’re just leaves!

gum melts into the shoe bending concrete

and then we breathe

And I think I found a little bit of you inside of me

Execute it with a holy kiss

Salute me, brother

Tell Me Tomorrow

Tell me tomorrow when I’ll greet them

when the sun is pouring down on us

In the town the people look so tired

They speak curious whispers about the earth below

oh no, hello

telling us not to meddle with the clouds above

and in their mixtures they pour themselves wine

and drink to their glory and to their deaths

blotting out their daughter’s arteries

Not even her children can see the feet of their tables

born into darkness, falling towards the cliff

Tell me tomorrow when death hits us

and maybe then we’ll care to know

Golden Meridian

The singing stars remind me a lot of my position

praising the light that gave me song in the first place


but I get confused sometimes

at these cars parked on the sidewalk

and people running around

like there’s no tomorrow

I’m not scared he says

His feet bending

tensing his muscles

london fog is quite cold

Fingers clicking in morse code

but he’s not really remembering anything

besides video games and false apparitions


It’s a sleepless night in the form of a city park

mopped up with dust and water

Recycled bricks erasing the gum putty

that kids spit out in good vibrations

and very slowly a spider crawls out of the clay cracks

and tries to bug bite me on the arm

I kill the enemy so it doesn’t get me

in my sleeping bag and sack me good

like clever Al Capone and his mobsters

The dogs barked out to each other the other day

again in the wind and the rain, at the cars

and I saw the invisible squirrel in the hidden tree

There you are, there you are

and there I am, and all of us

smiling in the soapy radiated waters

together patterned in the reflecting light we all once knew